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Technology Progress, Change ... Opportunity?

I sometimes talk about the speed of change in the technology world ... it is one factor that drives the continuing demand for technology people, and will by implication be a continuing boon to the IT Staffing world. It is also one reason why more students need to be encouraged to follow technology careers!

I started to think about how technology has changed just in my world in the very recent past ... and came up with some interesting stuff.

The internet has been a huge change in all of our lives over the past 10 years or so. It has become the "backbone" network for so many businesses, that would have required their own network previously. It is a source of data that formerly we found in books, encyclopedias, indexes and libraries. It has spawned many businesses and its communication abilities particularly in a web 2.0 world have been absolutely transformational ... who would have envisioned keeping in touch with family around the world through Facebook or spreading news through Twitter 10 years ago?

I recently got a netbook and it is quickly replacing my Sony laptop ... which cost roughly 10 times the price. It can't do everything the Sony can, but it handles 90% of my requirements for 10% of the price!

I just got a "Rocket stick" ... plug it into my netbook and instant connectivity anywhere! I don't need wireless networks or even to be in a city ... I can be sat at the side of a highway (or on a cottage deck) and still be online!

I have an iPhone ... I have instant information at my fingertips! I can post pictures to Facebook "on location"; I can check sports scores anytime; I can get news "real time"; check stocks; check out YouTube videos; store all my contacts; manage my calendar and get my email ... oh and its a phone too. we talked about the "convergence" of technology for years ... what comes next?

There are incredible strides in technology and the application of technology being made every day. I have only talked about changes in technology, but great strides are being made in medicine, in bio-technology and other sciences. It is an exciting time ... it would be a GREAT time to be entering the workforce there is so much opportunity.

It would be interesting to hear how technology has changed your life in the recent past!