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The Entrepreneur Within!

I always enjoy spending time with people who own their own businesses, people who started them and went through the tough times to make them successful. I enjoy spending time with the people who battle through adversity to get success. I enjoy time with people who are trying to figure out how to get to the next level, people who are struggling with their challenges right now ... but are determined to "get there".

As a new contact coined it ... people who "fight for the inches".

Entrepreneurs are not always the easiest people to get along with. They are driven, they can be single minded which doesn't necessarily make them "sensitive" and they can be pushy ... but I do enjoy them! What I enjoy is their energy, passion and drive. They believe in what they are doing and they are driven to "make it happen".

We are not ALL entrepreneurs ... in fact I think entrepreneurs are a relatively rare breed. However we can all learn a little from these people ... especially when it comes to making things happen.

I recently received my regular newsletter from Kit Grant ... another driven individual who always gets his audiences galvanized and encourages them to action. His latest newsletter suggest that we NOT be patient, in fact that we "do some pushing" ... just like those entrepreneurs.

Here is Kit's newsletter ...

"The door of opportunity will not open unless you do some pushing."

Have you ever heard people say ... "Just be patient, things will probably get better."? Well that might be nice advice if you have forever as your target date for reaching your goals. If not, then you consistently have to be pushing, or at least looking around the edge, of those doors of opportunity. Thousands of great possibilities present themselves every day and most people miss out. They either believe that nothing good will ever happen to them or that it would require too much effort to make a move towards success. Ever wonder why so many people don't come lose to their potential? It's certainly not lack of opportunity. The biggest roadblock you'll ever have to overcome is the person you see in the mirror. Go on ... NOW ... push on some doors. You deserve it.

If you really want something, and you should, then make it happen! People will always be quick to tell you why you "can't do it", why "it won't work" or just that "you are nuts". So ignore them, get a little "fire in the belly", "don't be patient", push to get what you want and just maybe you'll uncover that Entrepreneurial spirit within!