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The Power of Taking Notes

Taking notes is a great habit to cultivate.

Some thoughts …

1. Your memory really isn’t as good as you think … you cannot remember multiple details from every business conversation that you have.
2. Statistics show that your memory retention is better when you write stuff down (ask any educator) … plus you will have the notes to revisit.
3. Written notes are great for sharing with colleagues… information recited from memory always makes me nervous.
4.Timewill change your recall … the notes will still be there.
5. If you have a meeting with your boss and are expected to act on several things it is much SAFER to write them all down and confirm you have everything. Memory can get you in trouble.

It is very rare for me to be in a meeting and not take notes …. usually only when someone else has been assigned the task. It is a habit I developed early in my career, was especially powerful as a sales person (clients should be talking a lot more than salespeople, so you need to write stuff down) and has been invaluable as a manager when I am expected to remember my own stuff PLUS the “stuff” my staff work on.

When someone does not take notes it is something I really NOTICE … so if your CEO notices that you don’t take notes in meetings he is going to be skeptical of your ability to recall all of the details of the meeting, especially once some time has passed. So taking notes adds to your credibility.

It is never too late to work on developing good habits … this is a good one to work on!