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A Sense of Urgency, Customer Service and the Staffing Industry

Have you ever been frustrated because you felt the person you were dealing with was moving too slowly, or perhaps did not understand your need?

When I am dealing with a salesperson, customer service person or anyone providing a service I want them to make me feel like my issue is important to them. I want to be treated like a valued client.

It is not a hard thing to do if you are the one providing the service ...

#1. LISTEN. Understand what is needed.
#2. SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. If you don't know the answer, then tell them that ... but make sure that you GET the answer.
#3. KEEP THE CLIENT INFORMED. Don't go into a black hole, give the client feedback throughout the process.
#4. Do ALL of the above with a SENSE OF URGENCY!

I think that this last point is the "secret sauce" of customer service.

You can do all of the other things, but if the client doesn't feel that you are giving their issue the appropriate level of priority (in their eyes) then they are not going to be satisfied.

In the staffing business this is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL! It is probably the number one knock against the industry (clients don't get candidates and don't know if their order is even getting any attention) and a clear way for staffing companies to differentiate themselves.

  • If a client gives you an order you MUST "jump on it" and get the ball rolling.

  • IF its going to be a longer than expected process then let the client know!

  • IF you are not going to be able to get to it for a day or two let the client know!

  • IF it is not the right type of order for you then tell the client.

  • IF your process is such that a bunch of work goes on before the client sees anything then MAKE SURE the client understand that AND keep them informed of progress.

  • EVEN if you have made no progress you can let the client know where things stand.

The absolute worst thing for a client who needs resources is to be left wondering ... to be forced to pick up the phone and chase you! They are paying for a service and want to be treated as a valued client ... otherwise they don't feel that way, and there are plenty of staffing companies they can use!