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Emotional Roller Coasters Cause STRESS

How often do you let circumstances drive your emotions?

If you are like me then your natural tendency will be to react to situations ... sometimes sending the heartbeat a little fast as the adrenaline flows and driving up your stress levels, hurting your health.

Here is a little story about a (perceived) bad day I had yesterday ...

I had ordered some appliances to be delivered, explained the whole scenario to the salesperson and was assured everything was in order.

As we lined up the appropriate people to do the installation work they asked lots of questions. Raising doubts that we had everything we needed, with the biggest issue being a stacking kit for the washer and dryer. A frustrating series of phone calls left me with about 55 minutes to get from downtown Toronto, pick up my car and get out to Mississauga in time to the item.

As I raced out there I was worrying that I might not make it in time, the traffic was bad, I was getting hotter under the collar ... BUT I did make it on time.


I am now hungry and have another stop to make at Canadian Tire to pick up another item. I zip to Tim Horton's get a coffee and a sandwich, get in the car and head out for my next stop. I am on the highway and hear "thump thump" on the roof of my car. I realize I drove off with my iPhone on the roof!!! I pull over and try to think through my next stressful situation. The thing has all my email, my contacts, my schedule ... its my lifeline!!! There is a ton of traffic on the highway and its clear that even if I got out of my car and located it I would not be able to get to it and if I did, it was probably smashed to pieces by all of the traffic.

I drive off to the Canadian Tire, stressing all the way about my lost iPhone, about the hassle of replacing it, about being out of touch ... stress, stress, stress. I arrive at my destination, go in buy my stuff and when I get back to my car I notice something on my back window ... its the iPhone! So ... I had not lost the thing, it still worked (believe it or not) and ...


The morale of the story ...

(a) Don't stress about things that MIGHT happen.
(b) Even when things look bad, it might not be as bad as you think.
(c) Stressing really doesn't help.
(d) Try to keep things in perspective ...
even if I'd been late, so what? It would have been inconvenient, a hassle ... but not worth hurting my health!
What if the iPhone was smashed? So what ... its just a thing, it can be replaced ... not worth hurting my health.

In the immortal words of Bob Marley ... Don't worry, be happy!