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Getting What You Want

If you ask people what they would like in life, whether it is material things or less tangible things they can usually tell you.

I would love a nice house with a big yard, or a flashy car, or a comfortable lifestyle, or a place in the country etc. They might say I want a life partner and a couple of kids, a dog and a picket fence!

To them, that is their dream ... and each of us have something, or some things that we would want in our lives.

If you go to the next level and ask them what are they doing to get there ... the answers are less clear.

For many people a dream is just that, a dream ... they don't really expect to get there. Some people's idea of reaching their dream is to buy a lottery ticket ... if I win the lottery I will do this and that etc. Many people just don't believe that they can reach their dream.

Here is a fact ... the world is FULL of people that have reached their dream People who have overcome incredible odds to achieve things. So what does it take?

At an ACSESS conference a couple of years ago I heard Warren MacDonald suggest that how we view the world is what it becomes! Warren lost his legs in an accident and is now a motivational speaker and author, who tells the story of what he has been able to achieve since then. So ... if you can believe in your dream, if you can look at the world that way then you CAN make it happen. I blogged about Motivation after seeing Warren at that conference

At this year's ACSESS conference Frank O'Dea suggested Hope, Vision and Action were the catalysts for achieving your dream. Frank was a co-founder of the Second Cup chain ... but before then had been an alcoholic living on the streets! His philanthropy inspired me to write a blog entry called Frank O'Dea, An Inspiration to Give Back.

Their stories are but two of many, and yet still, they are a minority. The vast majority of people will go through their lives WISHING for a dream ... but the only way to achieve a dream is through action.

If you can bring yourself to believe a dream is possible then you are off to a good start ... then you need to plan and then execute on that plan.

Are you going to be a dreamer ... or are you actually going to make a dream come true?

James Dean's quote, "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" epitomizes that sentiment. Dreams are GREAT ... but if you don't believe in them and work towards them, then they are just dreams.

Make your dreams happen ... its unlikely someone else will do it for you.