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The Healthy Executive Series redux


Many people spend a lot of time and effort striving to be successful. They will work hard, put in long hours, invest in learning and do whatever it takes to be successful in their career.

One thing that is often forgotten in that plan is health and fitness. The “up and comer” is usually relatively young and still benefits from that youthful natural strength. Once the realities of long work hours and perhaps starting a family kicks in, it becomes that much harder to “stay in shape”.

It is hard to find time for a workout. It is easy to grab fast food, rather than eat a healthy balanced diet. Pretty soon the hard charging, up and coming new executive is putting on some extra pounds and finding themselves a little out of breath climbing stairs!

There are LOTS of reasons why sacrificing your health and fitness for a job is a bad idea, and intellectually I don’t think many people will argue with that. However if you don’t establish good habits early in your career then it just gets harder with time.

So … my advice to anyone serious about their career is this. A career is a marathon NOT a sprint. You NEED to stay fit and healthy if you want to remain at the top of your game for the long haul!

Not long after starting this blog I wrote four entries on this subject and I am reposting their links here. Take a read and see if you can improve your health and fitness, and enjoy the benefits of that at work AND outside of work.

1. The first posting was called The Healthy Executive… and talks about why it is important to be healthy in a leadership role.
2. I then wrote a blog called The Healthy Executive – Diet. Like the title suggests it is just a common sense approach to making sure you don’t put on too much weight!
3. Afterwards was the Healthy Executive – Exercise. I don’t think you have to be a fitness guru, or an athlete but you do need a minimum amount of exercise to stay reasonably fit.
4. The final in the series was The Healthy Executive – Sleep. Being well rested is critical to staying healthy and operating at your best, this blog entry talks a little about that.

Healthy and fit people get more enjoyment out of every aspect of their lives. they may even live longer … make time to look after yourself.