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Does Community Involvement Include Politics?

Eagle has always viewed Community Involvement as a given ... or to make a play on words, Corporate Social Responsibility means that we have a Responsibility to Give money and time!

But what does that mean?

1. It means giving money (lots) to deserving causes ... and we certainly do that, both at the corporate and personal levels.
2. It means giving time to deserving causes ... and all of our people are encouraged to do that. This year we implemented a "charity day" where everyone is encouraged to spend a "work day" on a charitable endeavor. I myself am on two different committees with significant charities.
3. It means giving back to the industry associations that represent us ... and we are there in spades. I sit on one industry association board (NACCB), am Chair of the PR Committee for another industry association (ACSESS) and in addition, other Eagle executives and employees are involved in several such organizations.
4. It means supporting the education system and in the past we established educational incentives to encourage students to enter the technology field ... and we are exploring ways to be involved with that again.

So ... what about politics? It is one area that I have never really been involved with ... but it is clear that the democratic process relies upon involvement and engagement from communities in order to work properly. There are people in our organization who have been very involved with politics, but maybe its time for me to take a keener interest. Perhaps there is a personal gain in such a commitment, because if I have the ear of the influencers then just maybe we can avoid some of the "dumb" decisions from governments ... like the McGuinty government (you must have known that was coming). So maybe its a win-win for the democratic process and business owners?

The big issue becomes time! Time is a critical resource and every business owner, CEO, President and executive I know has precious little time. How can we find the time to do ALL of these things?

I guess the answer is that we need to find a way, because if we don't do it proactively we will be fighting a rearguard battle to protect our businesses, and that takes even more time! I think community involvement just cranked up a notch for me! I better read some of my time management (personal productivity) blog entries!