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Paying the Price

Everything has a price in life, and the "currency" can come in many forms.

Some truths based on my experience:

1. If it looks too good to be true ... it probably is.

2. The good stuff is worth the wait.

3. You get what you pay for.

So ... some examples.

1. My first (couple of) car was a "junker", I didn't pay a lot of money and it certainly wasn't worth a lot of money ... BUT it was not very reliable, it cost me lots of money in repairs and it didn't last long.

2. I have changed career a few times ... when yo change career you need to "invest" in the new direction. I went back to school for two years after the Royal Navy and trained to be a computer programmer. It was a fairly big cost, a couple of years of lost income ... BUT it led to a career in technology that has been VERY rewarding. A great investment.

3. I returned to the soccer field a couple of weeks ago (game number 2 tonight) and the physical discomfort for several days after the game was a significant price ... BUT I had fun, learned that I had missed the game and I'm willing to pay that price. (Ask me again tomorrow!)

The lesson here is that these are very personal decisions, whether you are deciding upon buying a new car versus a used one; a new job or a change in career; a new relationship or commitment ... there is always a price, but very often it is worth it!