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Summer Sales Tip - Emails to Clients

Continuing with my Summer Sales Tips series ... I read an article about emails to clients on the CPSA website that I thought was pretty good. (P.S. If you are in sales and still not a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association then you should check it out).

Here are some things that really turn me off about emails I get from suppliers, or from people soliciting business:

1. Poor grammar.
2. Poor spelling.
3. An email that rambles.
4. A long email.
5. Long paragraphs.
6. An email that doesn't really know what it wants ... I get to the end and I'm not sure what the person is asking me.

Here are some things I really like ...

1. Crisp message.
2. Good grammar with no glaring spelling mistakes ... anyone can make a mistake, but if it is an obvious one that spellcheck would have picked up I am less forgiving.
3. Short ... with bullet points and easy to read paragraphs.

If you think that your emails need a little work, then maybe you would like to read the article from CPSA ... called Increase Sales With Actionable Emails.