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Summer Sales Tip #3

Plan, execute, measure, improve. 1. Plan. Whether your company does formal planning or not ... do it for yourself. In order for you to meet and exceed your plan where is the business going to come from? Which clients? Which projects? Which specific contacts? What dollar value? What is it going to take to win that business? Who do you need to meet? How can you position for success? How can you differentiate from competition? How can you influence the result? Be very detailed, create a file for each client opportunity, a To Do list for each client opportunity. 2. Execute. OK ... what specific actions are you going to take based upon the above information? What, where, when and How? Very detailed eg. meet with Joe Buyer to understand process and timing for the RFP by end of next week. Meet with Jane User to understand their needs from the horses mouth by two week from now. Bring VP Sales to meet Sara Executive to build company rapport, establish credibility and understand client executive perspectives. etc. 3. Measure. Did I get the meetings? Did I meet my objectives? What could I have done better? What else could I have done? What should I have not done? 4. Improve. Learn and implement some changes to your plan. This is a continuing PROCESS not a one time thing. If you do this then you bring professionalism to your selling, you invest in your own development and you will be more successful.