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The Last Mile

When I was a kid I used to get excited about new activities, whether it was building model airplanes, learning a musical instrument or some other type of adventure that was new to me. The problem was that I didn't really have good "staying power" and all too often the new venture would be less interesting when it got hard, or I didn't make enough progress fast enough or I just got bored.

We all face the same issue as we progress through our careers, change careers, learn new skills, take on new projects or even start new companies ... and how we evolve will determine how successful we are. If we can't battle through some adversity then we are not going to be very successful.

Very often the thrill of the "start up", the newness of a project, the excitement of a new job can inject enthusiasm which keeps us motivated and consequently helps us towards success. It is when things get a little tough, or the challenges start to feel "old" or the "bloom comes off the rose" that we start to waver in our commitment and the intensity of our efforts can fall off.

If you look at a race, whether it is purely human versus human in the 100 meter sprint, the mile or the marathon or it could be in a car, on a motorbike or a boat ... invariably the winner is determined in the final stretch.

In business, in our jobs and very often in our private lives it is that last mile that defines us. Are we winners or not ... are we going to finish the project as strongly as we started, are we going to master the new skill or not, are we going to make the venture a success or are going to become another statistic?

I call it the last mile ... but whatever you call it, you can REALLY differentiate yourself, and achieve tremendous success by learning how to "finish strong", how to "battle through the pain", how to WIN!

Its not easy, I don't think anyone else can do it for you ... but I think the capability is in us all, we just have to find a way to believe.