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Be a Giver NOT a Taker!

This is one of the subjects I address quite often because its important to me … and I think it should be important to you too.

Here are some random thoughts …

  1. Giving back is a good habit to develop … start early, even if its only a little bit.

  2. Good things happen for people who give.

  3. We all get calls from people trying to raise funds for good causes. Remember that those people are typically volunteering their own time (on top of the donations they make), so be nice to them. (That would be me!)

  4. If you are reading this then likely you enjoy a good standard of living. You earned that. However you would not have been able to achieve it without the structure around you in which you live and operate.   Those communities need your help too, so give back to those communities.

  5. If you are in business then your success is partly due to the communities in which you operate, so give back to those communities. I heard a story about a successful entrepreneur who thinks that because he creates jobs then he is giving back to the community … I would suggest that he is actually taking

    from the community to further his own success! The world is full of TAKERS, but it is the GIVERS who I want to associate with!

  6. Give a little more this year, than you gave last year.

  7. If you are wondering why you should give, then visit some of those agencies that need your support and see the great work that they do.

  8. Give some time back, as well as the money you donate. Spending time with people in the non-profit centre helps you to see the world just a little differently.

  9. Think about your giving and find causes that really interest you … there are so many, you should be able to get “involved” with one of them.

  10. When you are bemoaning your lot in life, feeling overworked and underpaid, then take a minute to think about those people in the non-profit sector who work so hard for very low incomes!

If we make charitable giving (including time) a part of our lives we can make a huge difference in our society, and we benefit from that improved society …it is also a feel-good experience!

Be a Giver NOT a Taker!