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Have Fun!

It seems a little strange to make a statement like that … certainly anyone who knows me knows that I am someone who does have fun. However I am also a very busy person, running my own business, involved in the industry association, involved in charitable work, involved with my family etc. It would be easy to let “busy” get in the way of fun!

I make this statement because I believe FUN should be a PRIORITY! That is very different than just taking fun where you get it.

On Saturday evening we had a party, with about 70 friends. It didn’t just happen. it took a bunch of work … but 70 people had a ton of fun!

You can choose to plan fun into the future … book a show, plan a weekend away, plan a day trip or any number of things that will increase your fun factor!

Alternately, you could just let life happen and there will be some fun in there somewhere but circumstance will determine how much fun you have.

Does this sound at all familiar?

I have blogged many times about taking charge of your life, taking charge of your career, taking charge of your days … in EXACTLY the same way, you can take charge of how much fun you have!