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New Blog Address!

Change is a good thing … especially if it is change for a good reason!  After about four years of blogging at Blogger I am switching allegiance to WordPress and an address on our eagle website!

This is NOT a reflection on Blogger, which has been a great tool to use.  It is however a recognition that “fresh content” on a regular basis is a good thing for a website … and since I post to my blog most business days AND Eagle is my company it only makes sense that we “put it all together”!

I will continue to write about the staffing industry here in Canada and the value it brings to our clients and the Canadian economy.  I will also blog about the sales profession, of which I am a staunch supporter, and critic in the same breath!  I will continue to write about personal development topics … and hopefully awakening some passion and personal accountability with the occasional reader.  Now and again I will review  a book of interest and you will continue to see my regular monthly updates on the Canadian Job Landscape and the IT Industry News.  I expect I will also continue to comment on Government issues of relevance to businesses and in particular the staffing industry.

So … only the address will change, I hope that those people who have enjoyed reading the Eagle Blog from time to time will continue to visit us at our new location here!