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New Blog Address!

Change is a good thing ... especially if it is change for a good reason! After about four years of blogging at Blogger I am switching allegiance to Wordpress and an address on our eagle website! This is NOT a reflection on Blogger, which has been a great tool to use. It is however a recognition that "fresh content" on a regular basis is a good thing for a website ... and since I post to my blog most business days AND Eagle is my company it only makes sense that we "put it all together"! I will continue to write about the staffing industry here in Canada and the value it brings to our clients and the Canadian economy. I will also blog about the sales profession, of which I am a staunch supporter, and critic in the same breath! I will continue to write about personal development topics ... and hopefully awakening some passion and personal accountability with the occasional reader. Now and again I will review a book of interest and you will continue to see my regular monthly updates on the Canadian Job Landscape and the IT Industry News. I expect I will also continue to comment on Government issues of relevance to businesses and in particular the staffing industry. So ... only the address will change, I hope that those people who have enjoyed reading the Eagle Blog from time to time will continue to visit us at our new location here! Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) VirtualRecruiter service?