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Some Sales Tips

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I am a recovering Salesperson!

Let's admit it ... salespeople can be frustrating. They tend (generalization) to be sloppy with paperwork, they might not be so good at following process, sometimes they might even bend your rules a little.

Every company has its own way of doing things and certainly all companies need to work with their sales team to make sure that process is followed, that paperwork is done and that their own application of "the rules" does not put the company at risk.

There WILL be time when the behaviour is just not acceptable.

Having said that ... here are some truths!

  • Every company NEEDS sales.

  • The sales organization drives business.

  • Without salespeople there is no business.

What a connundrum! Whatever can you, as a business owner or executive do?

Can't live with them ... can't live without them!


1. Work with the team ... continuously!
2. Have established processes ... and train them about how to use them.
3. Explain why the processes are there, don't just tell them "do it or else".
4. Listen to their input.
5. Encourage lifelong learning.
6. Encourage professionalism.
7. If in Canada, get them to join the Canadian Professional Sales Association.
8. Develop a sales methodology for your company ... and train them.
9. Have regular learning sessions.
10. Teach them about the ethics of your company ... just where is that hard line!

It is easy to find regular sales related articles and share them with your team ... and encourage them to comment/discuss.

The sales organization can be the BEST part of your company ... it can also be the most frustrating. Make it the best!