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Tenacity is a quality that I can admire … it is a quality displayed by people who (a) want something; (b) recognize that in order to get it they need to make some kind of sacrifice and (c) they suck it up and make it happen.

Tenacity can come in many forms … big and small, but in almost all cases it can be an impressive quality and a lack of tenacity tells me something about a person.

Small opportunities to demonstrate tenacity come every day … it could be the difference between taking a few extra minutes to put some thought and effort into a task; or just rattling off a quick “throw away” response.

I see it demonstrated in sports, when two players battle for a puck or a soccer ball … tenacious players don’t give up.

I see it with sales people … winners keep on trying.

I see it with businesses that battle through adversity.

I see it with young people that have a vision of what they want in life and they are willing to go and get it.

One of the other things I often see in tenacious people is that (a) it either is just a natural state, or (b) it has become second nature … to the point they don’t even recognize it as a special talent. I like to applaud tenacity when I see it … it is a quality to recognize, to encourage and to reward, even if that just means saying “way to go”!

Tenacious people are winners in the small things … but ultimately they are the people who go on to achieve bigger things, and to have the opportunity of really “living” their lives.