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You ... at Work

I was talking with someone recently and they were regaling me with stories of conflict in the workplace, and how often HR organizations are need to deal with "interpersonal issues", "personality clashes" etc.

I have written on this subject a couple of times previously (having almost 1,000 blog entries I guess I have "spouted off" about a lot of things!) ... but here are a couple of links you might find interesting.

In June this year i wrote a piece called Professionalism, which talked about establishing your "Professional Brand".

In February this year I wrote a piece called "How to Behave in the Workplace".

AND ... here are a few rules that I think you should remember.

1. Your co-workers did not choose to be your spouse, your partner or even your friend (although that happens sometimes) ... so when at work be a "work colleague".
2. If you have issues in your private life, then you should deal with them during your own time ... and not let them affect your work time.
3. Your lifestyle requirements should be formed based upon your income ... not the other way around.
4. Your boss, your HR department and your colleagues are at work to focus on work so they appreciate everyone else who takes that same approach.
5. Build balance in your life ... work should not be your life, yet it should be an important part of your life. Give each part its due.
6. Take the emotion out of your dealings with colleagues ... it doesn't matter if you like them or not, you all have a job to do.
7. Make decisions based on facts, business realities, best practices etc.
8. communicate professionally with all around you.
9. Always treat the other person the way you would like to be treated in the workplace.
10. Get thick skin.

Some people will think this harsh ... I think its just common sense.