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Are You Willing to Give ... Blood?


Anyone who knows me at all will know that I am a big believer in giving back to the community … to me it just goes with the territory.  Yes, we are all the architects of our own destiny, which means “we have what we have” because we worked to get it … but if it wasn’t for the infrastructure around us then we couldn’t be successful!  Therefore it is incumbent upon us all to look after that infrastructure we call our community.

I give money.  I give time.  My company gives money.  My employees give money and time … AND are proud of their contributions.

So … the burning question of the moment is, even though I’m happy to give money, and happy to give time, am I willing to give blood?  I’m not talking about the nice neat kind of giving blood using a needle, I’m talking about the potential of climbing into a boxing ring and going three rounds with some other “blood donor” all to raise money for cancer!

For the last three years the Fight For the Cure has been held in Ottawa to raise funds in that more serious fight, the fight against cancer.  Bouts are set up between local “white collar” participants, who are not otherwise boxers … and for 2011 I was asked to “think about it”. 

The first part of my “thinking process” was to go and see my doctor who is still working on fixing up my knee so I can play soccer again next year.  His response, “Other than I don’t know why anyone wants to get their heads pounded, I don’t see why you couldn’t do it!”  was not either the ‘easy out’, OR the resounding endorsement that I was looking for.

The doctor’s visit was followed by a “training session” at Final Round Boxing in Ottawa.  The owner, Matt Whitteker, a twenty-something super-fit former amateur boxer spent an hour with this old codger to see what he thought, and for me to continue the “thinking process”  (Now I’m thinking about whether I could survive the training regimen, never mind three two-minute rounds with someone trying to bash my brains in).  Matt’s club is a sponsor of the event and donate some serious time … so kudos to Matt!

I tried to clarify a few things, given my Liverpool up-bringing … would you believe that head butting and use of the knee is frowned upon!   They don’t even allow elbowing … there go all my secret weapons!  I forgot to ask about ear biting, but I seem to remember that’s not allowed any more either!

So it appears that I AM willing to give blood for charity … however there is one last hope in my “thinking process”, which is that they can’t find another fifty-something, in my weight category, who is also dumb enough to do this.   Other than that its five months of training to prepare for six minutes of “blood donating” in “the Geezer Rumble”!  Some people will ANYTHING for charity!