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I am Not Grumpy

Saturday morning reading the newspaper and I read a small article about a British survey suggesting that people over 52 years of age are generally grumpy! We (ouch) laugh less than younger people and complain more! OK ... a couple of points. 1. Just because its in the paper it doesn't mean its true! The news media are in the business to be in business ... that means selling newspapers! The average reader doesn't want to read that everything is good in the world ... that just isn't newsworthy. So ... lets poll 2,000 people and draw conclusions from that! Hmmmm nothing wrong with that is there? What if 1,700 of the people were over 52 ... and unemployed and Manchester United fans? Of course they would be grumpy! 2. It is however just possible that there are a few grumpy people out there! However there is no reason why "youngsters" should be happier than us!

  • We are empty nesters ... not a care in the world!

  • Our mortgages are paid off or almost paid off.

  • We have more time to enjoy life, we know what we like and we have the means to get it!

  • People over 52 years of age are the ones who are getting ready to be Grandparents, spoil those kids feed them full of chocolate and hand them back!

  • We can up and head for the sun without worrying about babysitters.

  • We don't have to sit through parent teacher interviews.

  • We don't have to worry about which set of parents we are going to spend \xmas with!

We have it GOOD! What do we have to be grumpy about? Next time they do a survey maybe they'll do it at the cardiac unit and conclude that heart attacks are increasing? The sky is not falling, we are lucky to be alive and people are people regardless of age. Like a said a few days ago make time for FUN!!!