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The Changing World of Business

Kit Grant is someone I have mentioned in my blogs quite regularly over the years. Kit is a speaker and trainer who really cuts through the BS and delivers hard, clear messages … but he gets you smiling too!  Here is an excerpt from kit’s recent e-newsletter together with a thought or two of my own!


“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”… Sir Winston Churchill

That sounds great but it sure can be tough to do when things aren’t going exactly as planned.  Throwing in the towel will not change things for the better. It takes work, creativity and determination to re-define your direction and set a new course that gets you back in control. Stop doing the things that are not working, keep doing the ones that are and look for new opportunities to expand your horizons. Doing business the same way you did even just two years ago may not be the route to success it once was. Look for new options to grow your business stop working “in” the business and start working “on” the business.


This is great advice… I often talk about how much our world has changed and today more than ever that is true.  The latest recession made almost every successful company re-visit the way it does business.  There has been a quantum shift in thinking … executives are now wiling to consider options that pre-recession seemed just too much trouble,  or not worth the effort.  Today they are not just listening, they are changing!

The staffing industry in particular has been changing for many years and if companies are operating the same today as they did 5 years ago … or even 2 years ago, they are probably going to struggle.

Vendor management systems, staffing technology solutions, job board growth, internet solutions, margin pressure, legislative changes, aggressive procurement, offshore solutions, niche players, global players, demographic changes … you name it, the number of external forces affecting  the staffing industry are too many to list.  Progressive companies are taking advantage of some of these changes, modifying their offerings, creating partnerships, embracing technology, revisiting their value proposition to align with what is important to clients and a million other ways of ensuring they are relevant into the future.

The same applies to ALL industries … the car industry has been changed forever, but the changes we see will come relatively slowly as companies recognize the need to compete.  The “BIG Three” cannot afford to keep doing things the same old way … radical change is coming, or they will be obsolete.  The airline industry, telecommunications companies, PC companies … you name it they all face this massive shift in their world.

Scary?  Perhaps, but its also at times like this that companies have tremendous opportunity to distance themselves from competition.

I’m pumped!!!!