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The Power of "Win-Win"

Kevin’s theory of why “win-win” is the ONLY way to go …

Very often (most often?) in business negotiations the parties involved focus almost entirely on “what is in it for them” … the typical end result sees someone give up more than the other.  That relationship almost never gets repaired and the “injured” party resents the situation … which can lead to poor behaviours.

In contrast, a “win-win” type of negotiation means trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and trying to ensure that they are also “looked after” in the end result.

Think about the typical divorce … two bitter people unwilling to give an inch end up going through the most awful time of their lives to come up with an “agreement” they both probably hate, and spend a small fortune on lawyers in the process.  A negotiated settlement where both sides try to help each other would result in less pain, less cost and the better chance of an ongoing relationship (better for the kids).

Same in business … a company that drives its suppliers to the wall just invites behaviours that are counter productive as the supplier tries to find ways to make money “around the edges”.  Instead a “win win” agreement would see a fair contract, each side working together towards a common goal.

There is almost nothing as powerful as having everybody focused on the same goals …  kind of like a team isn’t it?

Emotion, greed and self-interest = problems!

Teamwork, win-win and joint ownership of a solution = success!