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More on Networking ...

Let me apologize up front that is only a month ago that I talked about this subject … back then I suggested that Networking was Like Planting seeds.    However I think it is an important topic, I read two more articles on networking just today AND I was at an Ottawa CEO of the Year event today that again highlighted why networking is important … so we are talking networking one more time.

The first article I read was called How to Network, 7 Ways to Give Not Just Receive.  This is an extremely important concept because really people respond much better to the “give and take” of networking, rather than the take, take, take!

The second article I read was How to Schmooze Your Way to Business success.  The title was a little off putting, but the advice was good.

At today’s event we were celebrating Don Smith’s success at Mitel which earned him Ottawa Business Journal CEO of the Year.  There were sponsors at the event who paid good money to support the event, there were past winners, there were people from Mitel and from the business community.  it was clear who the good networkers were, they moved easily about the room meeting people and getting reacquainted with others.  there were also the majority of people who stuck to their own group and did not take advantage of the situation.

Networking is not easy, does not come naturally to most people but it can be helpful to careers, businesses and even in finding new friends.  Get out of your comfort zone and say hi to a few people … its really not all that hard!

PS.  Congratulations to Don Smith!