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Push Yourself

Sometimes we need to be reminded of lessons that we learned some time ago … and forgot.

I have “worked out” as long as I can remember … originally to help with my fitness for soccer, and then just to help with my fitness. 

The trouble with working out on your own is that you can become complacent, and not push yourself.  I’ll get on the elliptical machine and do 40 minutes while reading my book … which is probably fine for general health purposes, but I could do much more.

Last night I had my third training session with a boxing coach … wow!  When I thought I couldn’t do any more i found the ability to do it.  When I thought my lungs would burst I took a couple of minutes and went back at it.  Yes it showed me just how far I need to go to be “boxing fit” but it also reminded me that the best gains come at a cost … and if you are willing to push yourself you can achieve more than you dreamed possible.

The same applies in all aspects of your life … if you push yourself just a little more you will receive the benefits of that effort. 

Work.  You could add a project to your workload and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  You could be the one who steps up when extra help is needed, even if it means working harder or longer. 

Career.  You could take an extra course, that will help you get ahead.  You could work with your manager and HR to identify a plan that would advance your career … and execute on it.

Relationships.  You could find ways to do things for your friends that they would appreciate.  You could make sure you never miss a birthday or anniversary.  You could be thoughtful when people need a hand.

Pushing yourself physically, emotionally or mentally is hard … but the rewards can be there.

Push just a little … I’m feeling pretty good about myself today ( a little achy but “good achy”)!