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Tough Year for Charities ... Dig Deep!

We have been through one of the toughest recessions in living memory and generally speaking Canadians have fared way better than most other countries.  One of the ways that we do this is to cut back on non-essential spending … we watch the expenses and work hard to keep the dollars coming in.  Sometimes one of those expenses that we cut back on is charitable giving, and that is tough on the charities.  I am involved with a number of charities … and right now the United Way is in the middle of its annual campaign and it is tough going. 

We NEED some help.

I get involved and am willing to help out where I can, a little while ago I blogged about my efforts to help out on the cancer front.  I asked the question Are You Willing to Give Blood? for charity … and I was talking about the fact I have volunteered to jump in a boxing ring and go three rounds for charity next March in the Fight for the Cure.  I will be looking for volunteers to buy tickets and cheer me (or my opponent) on nearer to that date!

Just a couple of days ago I suggested that If You Have Been Lucky in Your Life then Help Someone Else Out… I also talked about the surprising number of people that need our help!

The United Way helps out so many agencies each year that its influence in our communities is huge.  If  the United Way fall short in donations this year then it is the poorest members of our society that will be hurt.  So here are some ideas for helping out …

1.  Increase your gift this year, just a little bit … 5% or 10%.  That would make a huge difference.

2.  If everyone gave a dollar a day to the United Way it would be huge.  Can you afford a dollar a day?  A $365 donation that is tax deductible.

3.  Many people have their favorite charity, heart, cancer, humane society etc.  Thank you for helping out … because that gives back to our society in exactly the same way as those who support the United way.  My question to you is could you dig just a little deeper?  Could you find it in your heart to give an extra few dollars to support the needy in your community?  Don’t give your dollars to the guy on the street so they can feed a habit … give it to the agencies that provide them with the necessities of life!

When I first got involved with United Way I was astonished by how many people are touched by this agency.   YOU WILL know someone who is helped or has been helped by a United Way agency … whether it has to do with poverty, addiction, mental health issues, seniors, troubled youth etc. this organization is helping to make YOUR community a better place.

Enough sermonizing … please help!  Give a few EXTRA dollars to the United Way and help make our community a better place.