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Work Life Balance

Life is BUSY!

We all tend to work hard … the pace of life is crazy, and there are more and more demands on our time.

So … how do you recharge the batteries? 

This weekend we went to New York for a mini-break.  We took in two shows (Memphis & Million Dollar Quartet), we walked a TON, we shopped, we ate and did a bus tour.  We didn’t sleep in late, and we even skipped our regular exercise routines … but it was a break from our usual routine.

Would that have been a good break for everyone?  Absolutely not … which is the point!

We are all different, we have different priorities, different pressures, different schedules and different ways of feeling good about ourselves.  What works for me might be absolutely terrible for the person next to me.

Life is like that … and work/life balance is also like that.

I used to work for Bob (Bob’s rules) and he was probably one of the most hard working people I have met.  Yet he loved what he did, he felt he had great work/life balance for him… but recognized that it wouldn’t work for everyone.

So, I guess the answer to work-life balance is the same as to “how do you recharge your batteries?” … it depends?  You need to know yourself, and to figure it out for yourself … but also know that what works at this stage in your life will very likely change in the next!

A tour guide on a bus used the following phrase, “Just because I look like I’m having fun, doesn’t mean I’m not working hard”.  In her world she wanted the tourists to still give her a good tip … because she was working hard.

In my world just because I’m working hard it doesn’t mean I’m not having fun!  If you can reach that place then you will never again worry about work-life balance … just getting enough time to recharge the batteries!