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Chicken Little Syndrome ... Don't Go There!

It is always nice when I find people who take a positive look at situations … particularly when the mainstream have gone off the deep end of negativity!

Here is a nice balanced and pragmatic article called Perspective is Reality, written by Lucia Harper about a recent incident in Ottawa involving the Ottawa Police. 

To read some of the local press and and the comments from readers you would think that Ottawa was a terrible place to live and that the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) was riddled with issues. 

The facts are  (a) there are 1300 officers and 575 civilians working for the OPS; (b)  a couple of officers did some bad stuff (that’s a couple too many … but it does not mean the issue is systemic); (c) Chief Vern White did not duck the issue, he tackled it head on, has implemented new education, disciplined those involved pending investigation and been front and centre to answer criticism.   The sky is not falling, Ottawa is still a great place to live and the police officer you meet on the street will be as pleasant as always!

I wrote a blog entry some time back about Dealing With Negative Influences… and while it might not be possible to stop reading the newspapers here in Ottawa, it is possible to discount the sensationalists, the biased and those intent in finding bad in everything around them.   Apply your own Perspective to these kinds of stories and be a positive influence on those around you.

I also wrote a bog entry called Focus on the Good Stuff.   Maybe some of those who like to emulate Chicken Little every time they perceive there MIGHT be a wrong,  could read that blog entry and focus on some good stuff.    Yes there is bad stuff “out there” and probably it sells newspapers better than the good stuff, but our society seems to be inundated with negative influences these days and we are far better served by positive, pragmatic people like Lucia Harper.