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Giving Back at this Time of Year

Today I spent a fair bit of time sending holiday wishes (via email) to people I know … which includes people I see regularly and some that I haven’t seen for a while.

It is a cool exercise to go through … it is a reminder about people I have lost touch with, and that leads to some renewed efforts to get together.   I also hear back from people with little updates about what is happening in their lives … which is nice.  Its a reminder that whatever business you are in, it is the people that count … and relationships are important, even those that have lapsed a little.

Its an opportunity to re-connect

Its a chance to share some news.

Its a way to remind people that you do care about them. 

Its also a way to show what you are doing for others this holidays.  The Eagle message talks about our annual tradition of donating the money that we would have spent on cards and presents, to help the needy.  This year we donated $15,000 which means we have donated $75,000 to this cause over the last five years.  I have not heard of a client who felt that was a wrong decision because they wanted a card!  In fact quite the opposite … it has proven to be very popular.  

 Maybe your company could try doing something like that … donate money to charity instead of client presents and cards!!!