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Life is Busy ... Take Charge of it!

The economy is recovering and in the staffing world we are VERY busy … clients are ramping up on projects, preparing to implement their next growth plans, executing on plans that were held up by the recession and they are also replacing retiring boomers!   This is all good for our industry, allowing us to bring real value to our clients because every company needs great people in order to be successful … and we find those people!

It is nice to see the business thriving after a tough economic period.  The energy needed to keep up with the increased workload is a positive energy, unlike the “willpower” needed to keep pushing through the tough times.   However … it IS busy!  For me that means I need to be very organized, I need to practice what I preach in terms of time management (personal productivity) and I need to understand what my goals are today because they help me to prioritize the tasks at hand.

Back in January I wrote a blog entry called 2010 – What Will You Make of It?  The idea was to set goals for 2010, and they would help to determine (a) how to prioritize time and (b) become a measure of how I had done for the year.  If you did that exercise then by now you would have some sense of what worked and what didn’t … are you on track for where you want to go and if not, then how can you adjust to get back on track.

It is a reality that things change over time so goals can change too.  I had a fitness goal to get my weight down and to exercise 4 or 5 times a week.  Things changed … in August I returned to soccer after a three year “retirement” and enjoyed it so much that my new goal is to get fit enough to play again next year.   That involves seeing a doctor regularly, about my knee and a ton of massage therapy, but I am on track although it always takes longer than you want.   A little while back I volunteered to take part in a charity boxing event next March, which entails five months of training in order to get ready for it.  I have been, and intend to,.  stick to the plan … but there are repercussions (a) negatively, on my time and other priorities and (b) a positive impact on my soccer fitness program.  Its all good … I just adjust my priorities to accommodate.

So its OK to modify the plan as you go … but it is very important to have a plan.

We are in the final few weeks of 2010 so its a great time for people to (a) look back at this year to understand if goals were met, and even whether goals were set; the other thing to do is to look forward to 2011 and start to plan now.  What do you want to achieve in 2011?  What will your priorities be?  Where will you spend your time?  This is a subject i have written about a number of times and one particular blog entry might be a useful guide, because it also references several other relevant entries.   The blog entry is called Personal Productivity but reference information with time management tips, ideas for goal setting etc.

One of the things I try to do is to “Move My Agenda” every day towards my goals … whether they are personal goals or professional goals.

Anyone who has followed my blog will know this is a one of those subjects that I am passionate about … and I credit any success I have had in my career as much to my ability to “get stuff done” in an organized way, as to any other single factor.

Try it … it works!