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Some Thoughts on eCards for the Holiday Season

Eagle used to buy hundreds of Holiday cards, pay for postage and send them out to all kinds of people, and we would also buy some clients a holiday gift.  It was an expensive exercise, but we wanted those people to know we valued them.  A few years back we revamped our approach to the holiday season, and we took all of that money (and some) and donated it instead to charity.  today we send everyone an electronic card (which costs us nothing) and tell them that we are donating the money to charity instead … the response has been overwhelmingly favorable.  Who needs another card on the shelf at the office anyway?

Because we do things this way I do tend to pay attention to what other companies are doing … and, as usual, I have an opinion or two.

1.  Just because Eagle chose to adopt our current model, that does not mean it is right for everyone … no issue with that.

2.  When I get an ecard from someone I know then I am just happy to hear from them … whether an ecard or just a “Hey, how’s it going” email.

3.  When I get a holiday ecard from someone I don’t know very well, an acquaintance, a business associate etc., I look for that statement that says they used their card budget for some charitable purpose.  If its not there I must admit I think “cheap”.  An email costs nothing, at least a hand written card takes some effort and requires a stamp!

So … if you are saving some money, and time and effort by using email instead of cards .. why not make a donation to charity.  The people who receive that message will appreciate it … and the charities will appreciate it even more!