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Energy People


Kevin’s definition of an Energy Person: Someone who positively influences the “energy” in your workplace.  It might be the high energy sales guy with lots of personality; it could be the super nice person who is always “up”; it could be the joker in the office who brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Energy people can have a very positive impact on the morale of your company, which affects productivity.  They can make the workplace a fun place to be, tend to be good performers and they are viewed very positively by management.  Energy people also tend to be happy … glass-full kind of people.

Are you born an energy person … or can it be a learned skill/habit?  I believe it is easier for a naturally outgoing person to be an energy person … BUT if you are prepared to make the effort you too can be that person.

So, be positive, be thoughtful, be energetic, think “glass half-full”; make a positive impression on those around you; walk fast and smile … the benefits will be obvious for yourself and for those around you.