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Life-long Learning ... 10 Tips!


The concept of life-long learning is espoused often and by many (including me).  It’s a fact that in a fast changing world it is important to keep learning, but in a fast paced world it is also hard to find time.  What are some REAL WORLD ideas that anyone can use to keep learning and growing?

  1.  Read … given how few people actually do read, even the act of reading will put you ahead of the curve!.

  2. Get a Mentor … find someone (or some people) who would be willing to spend a little time helping you to grow professionally.

  3. Set aside time for further education … one course a year, a semester etc.  Do something you can stick to.

  4. Keep all of the training materials from any course you take.  Re-visit them six months later and you will very likely learn something new, that was lost on you the first time around.

  5. Borrow training materials from co-workers.

  6. Find blogs related to your field and follow them … set aside time each week to do this.

  7. Get involved in your industry association.

  8. Get involved in charity work … you can learn a lot from the other volunteers.

  9. Get your company to support your training plans.

  10.  Create an action plan based on the above … do what works for YOU!