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Life-long Learning ... 10 Tips!

The concept of life-long learning is espoused often and by many (including me). It's a fact that in a fast changing world it is important to keep learning, but in a fast paced world it is also hard to find time. What are some REAL WORLD ideas that anyone can use to keep learning and growing?
  1. Read ... given how few people actualyy do read, even the act of reading will put you ahead of the curve!.
  2. Get a Mentor ... find someone (or some people) who would be willing to spend a little time helping you to grow professionally.
  3. Set aside time for further education ... one course a year, a semester etc. Do something you can stick to.
  4. Keep all of the training materials from any course you take. Re-visit them six months later and you will very likely learn something new, that was lost on you the first time around.
  5. Borrow training materials from co-workers.
  6. Find blogs related to your field and follow them ... set aside time each week to do this.
  7. Get involved in your industry association.
  8. Get involved in charity work ... you can learn a lot from the other volunteers.
  9. Get your company to support your training plans.
  10. Create an action plan based on the above ... do what works for YOU!
Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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