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Poor Customer Service Spells Opportunity

I read a good entry from Pat Katz today talking about that very human trait of leaping to a conclusion that someone else is at fault … the blog entry is called A Slice of Humble Pie.  Pat’s point is dead on, I think most people do have this reaction when something goes wrong … BUT perhaps that is because we are so often let down by suppliers that we just assume it is more of the same! 

Surely there is a huge opportunity right there … what is it worth to a customer base to KNOW that they will get good service? 

Is it worth paying a premium?  OR is it just a way to take market share?  Either answer is good if YOU are the efficient supplier!

As a supplier could I manage my costs to be very efficient such that I could offer a higher level of service but at a cost competitive price? 

That’s opportunity.

Could I utilise today’s world to compete with “old world” suppliers … increase the level of service and keep costs down? 

 That’s opportunity.

I read an article today suggesting that predicting the future of the internet is easy… anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will! 

 That’s opportunity.

Pat’s original article was about the need to perhaps take a breath before assuming the worst … and I agree with her, we do need to slow down a little before jumping to conclusions.  However if I look at WHY we have that response I think that’s opportunity because most people don’t want to be treated poorly, they want to deal with competent suppliers and get what they pay for.  Not really a lot to ask for but so often we are disappointed.

Is there an opportunity out there for you to capitalise on?  Next time you suffer through poor service maybe you should devote your energy to developing a competitor that can take market share from the poor performer!