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Taking Time to THINK


Finding time to THINK is a challenge for many executives and managers … and from my observation, one mistake many make is in not recognising that basic fact.  They go through their days, “doing stuff”,  reacting to situations, driven by the immediate demands of their days.  They may actually be excellent at handling the “fires”, at marshaling “the troops”, at dealing with all of those daily tasks that need to be dealt with.  They get through their weeks feeling like they worked hard, maybe a little frustrated that things “feel out of control”, maybe a sense of “being on the treadmill” … but the next week they go back to doing things exactly the same way.

Our society has a name for that … its called insanity.

In order to be truly successful, managers and executives need to take time away from their “frantic existence” and THINK, REASON and STRATEGISE.  I’m not even talking about strategy sessions or planning sessions.  I am talking about one manager taking time to THINK about how they could contribute more effectively.  About taking (a) the knowledge they have accumulated, (b) the experience they have, (c) the input of their team … and applying it to improve their situation! 

 It requires THINKING .

Are you taking time to THINK … or are you on the treadmill letting your days run you?