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A World of Possibility ... or Not?

It is a common known fact that we all enter this world in much the same way.   What is different is the circumstances into which we are born.  We might be born in a third world country, in an oppressive regime, in a poor world with little education … or we might be born into the “free world” with education, various levels of prosperity and the opportunity to pursue our own “dream”.

What we do next is all up to us … not our parents (although there is a period where they have significant influence), not the government (although they get antsy if your break their rules), not our future employer, educator or any other “influence” in our lives. We are responsible for our own selves!

There are many examples of people who have done great things with their life … in all walks of life, charitable efforts, humanitarian work, politics, business, sports or whatever they choose to pursue.

However the vast majority of people CHOOSE to be mediocre.  They don’t push themselves.  They don’t  put in the effort.  They lead their lives hoping to win the lottery, counting down the days to retirement, avoiding responsibility, doing the minimal possible to “get by”  … and blaming management, the government, “the man” for all their problems.

I don’t care what circumstances you are born into, you CAN improve your lot in life … and make a difference.

If you are lucky enough to be born into this “free world” and you squander this huge gift of circumstance then that is your choice.  If you want to blame “the man” for your situation then go for it … I’m not listening!

In my world anything is possible.  In my world I can make a difference.  In my world I am responsible for me!

Seth Godin suggests that it is a shame when people work so hard to make their jobs smaller …relentlessly smaller.

I say it is infinitely worse when people work so hard to make their lives smaller.   Are you taking responsibility for you … or are you getting smaller?