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Fight for the Cure ... Final interview

Tomorrow is the big event ... my boxing debut in a charity gala called the Fight for the Cure which is raising money for cancer research. If you feel like donating a few dollars then go to the FFTC website and select the Buy Tickets link ... there is a place to just make a donation, GREAT CAUSE and THANKS! Today I thought I would give an interview about this event , because I have been asked a lot of questions, and it might be a different way to write a blog entry (shades of my childhood ... so tell me about scoring that winning goal in the FA Cup Final?) ... here goes! Interviewer: Mr. Dee tell us about the event. Kevin: This is the fourth year of the Fight for the Cure, a white collar boxing event to raise money for cancer research. There will almost 600 people at the Hampton Inn in Ottawa, eating a nice dinner and enjoying 4 white collar fights featuring local executives plus four bouts featuring top amateurs. Final Round Boxing(Matt Whitteker) is the driving force behind this with some great sponsors. Interviewer: So Mr Dee you are one of the white collar boxers ... you look a little old for that, do you mind telling me just how old you are? Kevin: Sure ... I'm 55. long pause ... Interviewer: Ahhh that makes you older than my dad! Sooooo ... can you tell the listeners just WHY you are doing this? Kevin: Sure ... 1. I am involved with numerous charities and this is a great cause to support; 2. It's a challenge ... and I like a challenge; 3. I was asked to get involved ... that usually gets me Interviewer: How long have you been training, and what was involved? Kevin: I started in November, so about 4 or 5 months. I had a little hiccup in the middle when I sprained my MCL, but generally it has been once or twice a week of boxing specific training since then ... plus my regular workouts on other days. The last few weeks have been a little more intense. Interviewer: Had you ever boxed before? Kevin: Nope. I did however grow up in 1960's/70's Liverpool which meant a certain willingness to "mix it up" if needed. I have also been known to get the odd red card through my soccer career, so I'm not really averse to a little physical stuff. Interviewer: Are you nervous? Kevin: To be honest I don't think about it too much. I was actually more nervous the first time I sparred, and then again when I sparred against someone who wasn't my coach. The final "dress rehearsal" last week had some pretty spirited sparring ... so I feel ready. Interviewer: Boxing is a tough sport ... have you been hurt along the way? Kevin: A couple of bloodied noses and a black eye, plus I sprained my MCL while in the ring sparring with someone a fair bit bigger. Truth be told, I had hurt the knee a few days earlier skiing ... so it wasn't all because of boxing. The other stuff is minor and it is quite amazing how it just comes with the territory. Interviewer: Are you worried about Saturday night? Kevin: I think I'm ready. I'll be disappointed if we don't put on a good show for the crowd, they have paid good money for a great cause and deserve good entertainment. That's my only worry. I don't expect it to be much different than last week's sparring. Interviewer: Would you do it again? Kevin: No ... it's something unique to add to my list of "life experiences" and I'm glad I did it. I think I am probably pushing the age limits a little, so I will make this my first and only fight. I will stick with the training ... it has been amazing! Interviewer: Is there anything you are looking forward to once the bout is over? Kevin: I will have a very good scotch! I have been on the wagon since the new Year ... so that will taste good! Interviewer: Thanks for this Kevin: You're welcome.