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Fight for the Cure - Weigh-in Tonight!

On Saturday I climb in the ring and go toe to toe for three rounds, each two minutes long but feeling like a lot more!  Its all to raise money for cancer research … so, as I have said before I am donating blood in a non-traditional way for a good cause!

Let’s face it … I’m not so young any more, in fact I am 55 years old and about to have my first boxing match!  Yeah … not much else to say there!

Tonight we have the weigh in at the Heart and Crown pub, in the ByWard Market in Ottawa … all of the white collar boxers will be there  showing off our streamlined bodies (covered up by lots of clothes).  There will probably be the obligatory “trash talking” … all designed to up the interest level and raise more money.

You can find out more about the event  at the Fight for the Cure website… which has some videos from last year.   Sometime after the event a new video will go up … aired on the big night … showing this year’s batch of pugilists going through the training.  I haven’t seen any iron lungs or defibrillators come out yet, although we have all felt in need through these last months!

I have written about the event a couple of times … and will probably do a wrap up afterwards, but it is one more thing to cross off my bucket list!

Item number 2,347Get in a boxing ring in front of 600 people and get beaten for 6 minutes!  ….DONE March 2011

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If you would like to make a donation to the cause because you feel sorry for me … that's OK.  You can go to the buy a ticket page of the FFTC website and there is a spot to just make a donation.