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Post-Vacation Restart!


We all know what it feels like … a week away from the office with no commitments is a good way to recharge the batteries.  However the return always has a price attached … a build-up of email, some urgent tasks that need to be addressed, perhaps some personnel issues etc.

Like most of us, I have been known to question whether the break was worth it … the reality of course is that it is worth it!  The “post vacation restart” is just a fact of life, and we quickly get back “into the groove” … IF getting into the groove is what you want to do.

Sometimes the post vacation restart is an opportunity to change things up a little.  To re-evaluate whether all of the things you do, and the way that you do them are as efficient as possible, or even necessary!

Here are some of the things I like to do when I get back from a break.

1.  I like to get into the office for a few hours before the work week begins to catch up on emails and any urgent issues.  It allows me to start the actual work week more efficiently … and for me, relieves some stress.

2.  I will reevaluate my involvement in all of the different areas that I am currently involved … within the business and externally (charities, industry associations etc).  

I will ask myself some tough questions:

Am I bringing true value in those roles?
Have I been doing it too long … and perhaps getting a little stale?
Could I bring more value elsewhere?
Could someone else do a better job?
Could I “outsource” some/all of the tasks?
Could I mentor someone else to do the role?
Is the role really necessary and does it need me to do it?
Do I still get enjoyment/satisfaction from the role? 

3.  I will look at my time management system and see if there are things I could do differently there.  Could I be more efficient with my time?  What three things could I do differently that would have an impact?

4.  I will take time to ensure my planning is on paper before I dive into any new projects … and I will have a good sense that I am in control.  Keeping the “system” going in real time is key to staying in control.

5.  I will plan my next vacation!

We all need a break … we don’t need to let the “post vacation restart” be so stressful that we wish we hadn’t gone!