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Rest & Recuperation


The last day of February and Ottawa (where I live) had snow and freezing rain … a typical late Winter day in this city I have called home for close to 30 years.  Its around this time of year I wonder how I came to live here, and why I stay!!!

Of course its a beautiful city with lots of redeeming qualities, but right about this time of year they can be a little hard to remember!

Long ago I came to the realization that in order to keep my usually positive outlook on life I needed to get away at some point during the long Ottawa Winter and enjoy some sunshine and beach!

So … here I am penning a quick message from my hotel room on Mexico’s  Mayan Riviera a couple of days into my “sun fix”!   No sign of drug lords, sharks in the water or resorts exploding … just sun, sand and relaxing by the pool!

I don’t intend to spend too much time thinking about work or the grueling training I will be coming back  to in preparation for my boxing match on March 26th.  I am keeping a pretty good fitness routine, eating quite well but best of all catching up on rest and relaxation.   Sometimes we just have to be extra nice to ourselves … its my time!

Not sure if I’ll write again before hitting the office  … but I hope anyone reading this gets the chance to be extra nice to themselves very soon!

Until then walk fast and smile … unless you are lying on a beach somewhere and then a silly grin will work just fine!