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I have blogged on the subject of smiling several times … one of my favorite saying is Walk Fast and Smile!  So … when I read my regular email from Kit Grant, and saw that quote, how could I NOT blog about it!!!  Here is the quote, and the gist of Kit’s message … and you can visit his website, subscribe to his newsletter or engage him to be a speaker (you won’t be sorry)!

“A man without a smile should not open shop.”… Chinese Proverb

Is it just me or have you also noticed that way too many front-line people don’t seem too happy in their job. There is no question that some positions are less fun than others (and some bosses are not setting a pleasant model of behavior) but gee … with so many options available where people can spend their money, it just seems to make sense to train your staff to at least smile?! It’s little things that people notice that either get them to come back OR to look elsewhere.

I have always advocated hiring for attitude first and aptitude second. I can train anyone how to do a job but it’s pretty tough to teach a grumpy miserable person to be nice.

Kevin’s commentI don’t think i could have said it better myself!!!