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Ten Action Items to Improve Your Life


There is a poem called “the dash” which is about the importance of living our lives well.   It suggests that you think about things you might do to enrich your life.

Here are some easy things you could do starting today. 


1.  Make a conscious decision to do the best job you can … every day.

2.  Take note of all the distractions you have in your day … chatting, surfing the internet, smoke breaks etc.  make a decision to reduce them by at least 50%.

3.  Determine to take one course/training program each year that will add to your marketable skills.

Health and Fitness

4.  Make time for 30 minutes of exercise a day … it could replace some TV time, a nap, half your lunch hour.

5.  Make a couple of small changes in your diet … (a) eat 90% of what you have been eating; (b) eat healthy stuff a little more and the processed/fast food/dessert a little less.

6.  Get a checkup … annually (and listen to what you are told).

Outside Work

7.  Do something for charity … give a little time.

8.  Make a list of your friends … do something spontaneous for each of them over the next while. Make them (healthy) dinner, send them a card, buy them a book, invite them for an exercise walk etc.

9.  Make a plan for yourself … something special that you can look forward to, save for, build towards etc.  Maybe a holiday, a special piece of jewelry etc.

All the Time

#10.  Walk fast and smile.  Adopt a glass half full attitude to life … its all inside your head, and life is much more fun when you are smiling!

If you do all of these things I guarantee you will feel better.