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Life Balance ... an Addendum

Yesterday I talked about Life balance.

As unpopular as it might be there is no getting away from the fact that life is not perfect … sometimes we need to just knuckle down and do what it takes.

Last year I wrote a blog about Discipline, Sacrifice and Hard Work, and like it or not you will be called upon to exhibit those qualities sometimes.

I will also add that in order to grow anything there is an investment needed … whether it is the discipline of “lifting weights” to grow muscles; planting and nurturing to grow plants; learning to grow our intelligence; OR “giving more time, more effort or more flexibility in order to grow our credibility/capability in our job.

So, work/life balance is a personal thing … for me I look for LIFE Balance.  I also recognise that in order to get things I want from life … at work; at home; in my relationships; in my hobbies; with my health …there needs to be an investment.

An EASY life is not necessarily a fulfilling life.

SO … be prepared to invest in your life, through a little sacrifice and you will be rewarded with a better life!  Hence my focus on LIFE BALANCE!