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Be Decisive ... Do Something!

I have written a few blog entries around this subject in the past …

I wrote one about Avoiding Decisions, with reference to a David Allen(GTD) article.  It talked about how common it is for managers to be a bottleneck, because people are waiting for them to make a decision.

I also wrote one called A Sense of Urgency, Customer Service and the Staffing Industry.   Our industry is EXTREMELY fast paced, if you snooze you lose!  You cannot wait before acting or you will miss the boat.  Our clients are accustomed to this kind of service and they expect it … so if you are not living up to their expectations then don’t expect to be successful!

Whatever industry you are in, it is the decisive managers that will be the most successful … and rightly so.  As I have said before, any decision is better than no decision because even if you are wrong you can course correct later. 

There was a classic situation just this week culminating in one of the world’s most notorious terrorists being shot.  President Obama needed to make a “go”/”no go” decision about that mission, with limited facts and conflicting advice from his aides.  He gathered the available information … took the night to sleep on it and made the call the next morning.  His choice proved to be right … but even were it wrong, he tried and he made the decision based on reasonable choices. 

No-one reading this will be faced with that scale of decision … but managers everywhere face decisions big and small, every day.  If you are not decisive then you lose credibility.  If you are not decisive then you probably lose business.   The worst case is that you make a mistake from which you can learn and get better.

Good managers would do well to live by the motto, “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today!”