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Do the Little Things Right


It is easy to develop bad habits.  It is especially easy in today’s fast paced environment.

The thing about bad habits is (a) they get worse; (b) they lead to “bigger” bad habits; and (c) we are judged by them!

We might not care too much about 90% of the people judging our bad habit of … not using spell check for instance.  However some of the people “‘judging” will be clients, bosses and others who might not see it as so attractive.

We might not think its so bad to be on the PDA in the middle of a meeting … but someone will care; and someday your bad habit will be so ingrained that you will do it without thinking, and that won’t be good!

We might think its so bad to text and drive … its just a quick one home to say I’m on my way, and its a red light, and I’m a good driver!  However … you will add that quick text about your tennis game, and maybe you’ll text while in heavy stop and go traffic.  If you are lucky you’ll have a near miss that alerts you to how bad your habit has become … worst case it will be MUCH worse!

We might not think its so bad to be a couple of minutes late to meetings, or a day late with that report, or taking a year off personal development.  We might not think its so bad to call home less, to miss an anniversary, to get home late after being out with the boys/girls.

Truth is, in and of themselves small bad habits are just a part of who we are … but do we really understand what the potential is?

On a positive note … doing “the small things” right is a great way of establishing credibility, of becoming known as someone who “delivers”.  If you are in business that is priceless.

I hope you are not reading this while driving home!!!