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Employee Engagement Comes with Leadership

Currently I am attending the 2011 ACSESS Conference in Montreal ... the first "industry speaker" was Neil Lebovits, ex-executive with ADECCO/Ajilon and current industry trainer.

His presentation was relevant to our industry, with plenty of stories that we could all relate to ... but also applicable to any company really. Employee engagement and the leadership needed to get that engagement are industry agnostic ... and I enjoyed his presentation.

A oouple of thoughts from Neil ... that I obviously support:

A. The 7 Step Leadership Model

1. Clarify the vision ... it all starts here!!!

2. Define the purpose ... why do your people come to work every day?

3. Intense personal accountability ... from the top to the bottom!

4. Competence ... leads to confidence, so give them the tools.

5. Empathy ... good leaders need to understand their people.

6. Servanthood ... great leaders serve, and are seen to serve!

7. CLEAR direction, expectations and communication!

A good roadmap to see if you are on the right path to be a great leader!

B. Neil says "Don't be THIS kind of Boss"

A "buddy" boss.

A Deluded boss.

A Military Commander boss ... works in military-like organizations, not so much in 21st century businesses employing 4 different generations.

A "fear mongering" boss.

An absentee or abdicating boss.

A hypocritical boss.

Good insights ... do you see any part of yourself there?

Good session, lots covered in an hour ... think I would like to see more of Neil's stuff!