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Employee Engagement Comes with Leadership


Currently I am attending the 2011 ACSESS Conference in Montreal … the first “industry speaker” was Neil Lebovits, ex-executive with ADECCO/Ajilon and current industry trainer. 

His presentation was relevant to our industry, with plenty of stories that we could all relate to … but also applicable to any company really.  Employee engagement and the leadership needed to get that engagement are industry agnostic … and I enjoyed his presentation.

A couple of thoughts from Neil … that I obviously support:

A.  The 7 Step Leadership Model

1.  Clarify the vision … it all starts here!!!

2.  Define the purpose … why do your people come to work every day?

3.  Intense personal accountability … from the top to the bottom!

4.  Competence … leads to confidence, so give them the tools.

5.  Empathy … good leaders need to understand their people.

6.  Servanthood … great leaders serve, and are seen to serve!

7.  CLEAR direction, expectations and communication!

A good roadmap to see if you are on the right path to be a great leader!

B.  Neil says “Don’t be THIS kind of Boss”

A “buddy” boss.

A Deluded boss.

A Military Commander boss … works in military-like organizations, not so much in 21st century businesses employing 4 different generations.

A “fear mongering” boss.

An absentee or abdicating boss.

A hypocritical boss.

Good insights … do you see any part of yourself there?

Good session, lots covered in an hour … think I would like to see more of Neil’s stuff!