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Is YOUR Staffing Company a Member of an Association?

I often write about the work of industry associations, and why any good corporate citizen really should belong to their industry association.  There are LOTS of good reasons to be a member and I can’t think of ANY good reasons not to be … except perhaps ignorance.

That ignorance can be just (a) a lack of understanding of the work done by industry associations … OR (b) it could be that other type of ignorance that companies display when they let others pay the cost, instead of contributing themselves.

So why would it be important to a client, a candidate, independent contractor or even temporary employee to choose to work for an association member before a non-member?

  1.  ANY serious company recognizes the need to support their association … I have written lots on this.  So do you want to work with a company that is NOT serious?

  2. The Association fights for the rights of the members and their employees and contractors … a bye-product of that effort is that they are fighting for the non-contributing companies too.  How fair does that sound to you?  If they are not fair to their association are they going to be fair to you?

  3. The members are kept abreast of the issues of the day … as an example in the month of May the ACSESS Government Relations report listed eight different initiatives and the NACCB lobbying efforts are focused on a couple of big issues.

  4. How do you know your company even understands the rules applicable in the staffing industry?  Anyone can “hang out a shingle” and sound credible, but the rules around deductions for temp, versus sole-proprietor or for independent contractors can get interesting.  Associations provide advice and support to their members.

  5. Industry associations hold their members to a code of conduct … not all companies do!

  6. Industry associations will arbitrate and provide expert advice where issues arise.  Obviously it is easier if the companies involved are dealing with members.

  7. Industry associations provide ongoing guidance and education … ensuring that their members are up to date on legislative requirements etc.

There is no excuse for freeloaders in our society … so don’t support them, work with the legitimate agencies, who are working hard to make sure your interests are protected! 

How would you know if they are a member of the industry association? 

Ask them whether they belong to one of these organisations …

Here in Canada there are a couple of primary industry associations that represent the staffing industry …

1. ACSESS(Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services) is the largest, representing the industry in general.

2. NACCB Canada(National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses) is probably the next largest with a mandate of supporting those staffing companies in the IT space specifically.

There is another local association I am aware of …CabiNet is a local Ottawa based organization focused primarily on companies supplying contract services to the Federal Government.