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Sales Success Through Goals


If you are a salesperson then you know that it is a tough profession, so you should take advantage of any tool possible to help you to be successful.  One such tool is the use of GOALS.  I am not talking about your sales quota that your company sets for you, I am talking about personal goals that will help you to meet and exceed expectations (mostly your own).  Sales people need to be self motivated anyway, why not add a few incentives for yourself?

So given you buy into the theory, what kind of goals can you set yourself?  There are lots of potential answers to that, here are 10 to think about:

1.  I have always found that the harder I work, the luckier I am … you have probably heard that saying.  So …decide how hard you want to work and make sure you make the most of it!  Set a goal of working a nine hour day, Monday through Friday (8:30am to 5:30am with working lunches).  That means a goal of 45 hours a week … working!

2.  The more people I meet the more opportunities I get.  The more opportunities I get the more closes I get.  So set a goal for the number of face to face meetings each week.  Each industry will be a little different, but in the staffing industry it wouldn’t be hard to have four meetings a day … (breakfast/coffee; mid morning; lunch; mid afternoon).  See how many you average now … set a goal that is somewhat higher. Readjust it regularly.  You could also just set a goal for “coffee meetings” … 4 a day?

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic,it takes sweat determination and hard work" Colin Powell

3.  There are good sales opportunities and not so good sales opportunities. More of the good opportunities tend to turn into real business.  So set a goal of improving your skills at deflecting the poor opportunities and getting more good opportunities.  You could set a percentage, or a number as a goal.  You would also need to be honest with yourself about the types you bring in!

4.  Many times we become very dependent upon the same few key clients.  Set a goal to grow the number of KEY client contacts(Miller Heiman would call them coaches).  This is a long term goal, these people are truly tough to cultivate and you need to invest in them … but its worth it!  Add them one at a time!

5.  Set a goal for prospecting calls… maybe daily, maybe weekly … but set aside specific time to generate those meetings and keep in touch with as many people as possible.

6.  Set a goal for adding new accounts(if that is part of your company strategy/mandate).

7.  Set a goal for income… how much do you want to make and figure out exactly what you need to do to hit that number.  It might drive some of these other goals.

8.  Set a goal for education.  Read a business book a month?  Take a course twice a year?  Get to the  next proficiency level at Toastmasters?

9.  Set a networking event goal.  One event a month?

10.  Set a quota target that is yours and not the company target … obviously it needs to be bigger!

Goals give you something to aim for … and they allow you to take charge of your life by developing strategies to meet the goals.  It can be fun, or it can be just too much work …its all inside you to decide.

If you want to be successful this is one way to seriously improve your chances!