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The Generosity of People

I have written several times about the need to support the less fortunate and the other good causes within our society. I reviewed a book by John Izzo called, The Five Secrets You Must discover Before You Die ... the 5th secret being to Give More Than You Take! I wrote a piece in November last year asking people to dig deep because it has Been a Tough Year Charities. It sometimes feels like I am always asking for money ... but I am also acutely aware that I need to do my bit or our charitable organizations would be in a mess. So ... I am the guy who is always asking people for money, and I decide to take part in the Becel Ride for Heart. A 50 km bike ride, for which I am sorely (pun intended) prepared. My intention was to write a $100 cheque myself, perhaps send out an email to "the usual suspects' and see if a few more dollars came in. It has been amazing, and the generosity of people has blown me away!! If you visit my personal pledge page today you will see that my friends have donated more than $3,250 to this cause already! All the result of one email asking for a few dollars!!! It is times like this that I am reminded of the good in people, of how lucky I am to know such people and that the vast majority of people are basically good. It is easy sometimes to be a little cynical and forget that ... but it is a lesson worth remembering, and times like this teach it. THANKS!!!! PS. If you want to donate a few dollars yourself, here is my Donation Page :-) ________________________________________________________________ Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) VirtualRecruiter service? ________________________________________________________________