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The "New" United Way!


I have been very involved with the United Way for the last several years.  They helped me to set up a family foundation to remember my brother, they are the charity of choice for our company “Eagle” plus my wife and I make a major donation each year.  In addition to some committee work (sounds innocuous … but actually translates to serious hours of commitment) I am also involved with the Major Gifts Committee

On the Major Gifts Committee I meet with people in our community to talk about the work United Way does, and to convince them that this is a charity worthy of our support … and hopefully persuade them to donate $5,000 a year or more to join the ranks of Major Donors.

It is interesting when you meet people and talk about this agency because many people have a perception of the United Way based on old experiences.    The United Way has changed considerably over the years, and even more lately as it has moved from an organization that funded agencies to one that is about Making Change Happen!  

I am not an eloquent person, but luckily there are some eloquent people who explain this much better than I!  There is a blog entry on the United Way Ottawa site called Make Change Happen: What United Way Ottawa is Doing Right … and it is worth a read.

Go on!  Take a read and learn a bit about an organization that makes a difference in YOUR community!  Think about that when considering the charities that you will support in the future.