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The Vocal Minority


Canada’s election brought some surprises, a majority government (that was not really predicted), a big gain for the NDP (which also had not been predicted, until the final days before the election) and the almost complete demolishment of the Parti Quebecois.  Much of the rhetoric and noise leading up to the election was from those people disillusioned with our existing Conservative government and calling for change.  The change we got was a majority Conservative government and an NDP opposition. 

The point of this blog entry is NOT a political commentary … but rather a note that VERY often it is the VOCAL MINORITY who are heard, yet they are not representative of the majority which can be dangerous.

If you are a leader of any organization you are constantly faced with decisions for which you need input from your team … are you ONLY listening to the loud ones?

If you are in business and SOME customers are giving very vocal feedback are you SURE that their needs are representative of your customer base?

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry that suggested it was important to listen to the quiet voices, in addition to the loud ones! 

Decision making is tough, but you help yourself when you get as much valuable input as possible … that means looking beyond the obvious!  Don’t be swayed by the vocal minority … seek other input before making “the call”!